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[neuter] /ˈbaiboːt/


dinghy: [noun] A small boat carried on a larger boat to take passengers ashore.

About 2

Beiboot Representation has a singular mission: to provide content creators and producers an agile vehicle to drive great ideas from the page to the screen. We are an independent London-based company that develops, packages and finances premium television projects with a focus on European content. We are 100% agnostic, and are therefore able to partner with any creator, producer, broadcaster, platform or distributor. Our decision-making hierarchy is simple, and concentrates solely on the best interests of the creative work.


Beiboot’s founder, Tobi de Graaff, has a successful track record working in premium-content global financing and rights sales, with over 20 years’ experience in distribution and deal making. He has led sales teams for the UK’s most prominent sales outfits – BBC Studios and ITV Studios – and has been at the forefront of identifying and manoeuvring in the changing customer landscape.

Beiboot is a joint venture with Anton.